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Welcome to Allegrini SpA
Professional Detergents

By 1945 production of industrial detergents and professional detergents for cleaning and hygiene in the food and beverage industry in compliance with HACCP and proper environmental policy. Our range of cleaning products and professional detergents affects different sectors of use. We produce detergents, degreasers, descalers, disinfectants, sanitizers.

News and Events

Allfresh Box Special Edition #1

At every opportunity... a car air freshener Allfresh Box!

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News and Events

Choose Diesel OK, the right product at the right time

To face the winter, choose the maximum anti-freezer protection

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News and Events

New Pralux Express

From a nanotechnological formulation, a unique product that transforms your car body in a mirror!

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News and Events

ALLFRESH BOX customized car deodorant

It ensures a communication of high quality

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News and Events

Allegrini Emozioni Italiane 30ml Mini Line

A new line of fragrances… in pocket version!

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News and Events

New Allfresh Box Line

Car Fresheners by captivating and funny design to customize your driving experience!

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New Tekno In for car interiors

Innovative detergent for carpets and fabrics

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Have you thought about the problems caused by the low temperatures?

Discover Allegrini line dedicated to the winter period.

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News and Events

New Rotabrill 65 G colourless

Give life to your tires!

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Complete Solutions
for specific

Tunnel car washes

Products for tunnel car wash systems

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In-bay car washes

Products for in-bay car wash systems

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Car showrooms and dealerships

Products for the cleaning and care of new and used cars

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Bus cleaning

Products for the internal and external cleaning of buses

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Self-service car washes

Products for Self-Service car wash systems

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Truck and heavy-duty vehicle cleaning

Products of the cleaning of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles

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Forklift trucks and mechanical earth-movers

Products for the cleaning of forklift trucks and mechanical earth-movers

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Train cleaning

Products for the internal and external cleaning of trains

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Manual car cleaning

Products for the manual care and cleaning of cars

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Body shops

Specific products for body shop work

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Motorcycle cleaning

Products for the care and cleaning of motorcycles

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Environmental services

Products for the cleaning of vehicles dedicated to waste-collection

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Cleaning of refrigerated trucks, food transporters and cisterns

Products for the cleaning of vehicles for the transportation of food

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Repair shops and garages

Specific products for work in garages

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Allegrini produces professional products for Car Washes and Car Washing services

How we work

Our approach to the client and their needs is a fundamental aspect for us.


Chemistry for the environment

100% recycling of materials and the use of renewable energy sources

Vegetable-origin surfactants

Sustainable development of production

Produced entirely in Italy in accordance with high standards of environmental regulations

Allegrini’s strength: a complete service

Why choose Allegrini? Efficient products, Italian quality, respect for the environment and, above all, a thorough service of technical and sales assistance.

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