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A new line of fragrances… in pocket version!

Good news for lovers of pocket perfumers: in the wide range signed Allegrini Emozioni Italiane appears for the first time also the 30ml MINI LINE, a new selection that is characterized by its small and practical size. With the same fragrances of the No Gas Line, this version has been specially designed to always bring with you your favorite fragrances.

Every mini is ideal in the car, in the pockets or in the glove compartment, but also easily in your bags and purses.

A perfumer with a size that really satisfies everyone, men and women, who know how hard is to have space in their bag!

Not only that: this practicality is combined to the excellence that we find in all the fragrances of Allegrini Emozioni Italiane.

Spray your favourite fragrance in your car, especially on the mats, or at home, on curtains, carpets and bath towels.


It will be like remembering the fascinating Italian cities and still dreaming them thanks to their perfume!

NEW! Ideal for resellers, the new captivating table display, practical and elegant! It contains 24 pieces... to keep your eyes on all fragrances!


Your destinations to be remembered:

51 CAPRI, open skies and sea breeze

52 SORRENTO, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, amber, vanilla

53 VENEZIA, rose, orange blossoms, jasmine, lilac

54 SIENA, lavender and cotton flowers

55 FIRENZE, wild flowers and sandalwood

56 CORTINA, lavender, rose, with zesty citrus touches of orange blossom

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