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Research and development

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Studying the present in order to plan the future:

This is the mission which we share with clients and partners. Our method aims at sustainability, innovation and dialogue for a better knowledge of the requirements of the market in which we operate. We collaborate with research centres, scientific institutes and universities. The high standards of quality obtained by our formulas are the result of a policy of continuous investment. A considerable percentage of our profits is destined for Research and Development, and our headquarters house a structure equipped with the most sophisticated technology.

The department includes:
a specialised laboratory for the study of personalised formulas and blends in line with the demands of the market;
a research centre, dedicated to the experimentation of new technology and formulas using organic raw materials;
sophisticated cutting-edge instrumentation including a reactor for natural synthesis, fundamental for innovative chemical analysis.

The results are clear: excellent product quality, which distinguishes us from the competition; ecologically sustainable solutions formulated with respect for the environment and an ongoing ethical commitment confirmed by the important certification obtained which has often anticipated regulations (Ecolabel, ICEA, etc.) and which guarantees the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The High Performance product line is an example of the results obtained in the field of innovation and brings together the results of studies carried out by our laboratories in the field of nanotechnology and all the new formulas which increase the performance of the products and reduce their environmental impact.

With sustainable development as a clear objective, the research team works constantly on new products through rigorous operational tests, with the collaboration of the most qualified university institutes in order to ensure that our clients have avant-garde products and methods and to guarantee complete respect for the environment.

Our experience is closely bound to research: extensive practical on-site work allows us to better understand the requirements of our clients in the field of professional cleaning and to develop innovative solutions which optimise time and costs, providing truly all-inclusive solutions for products and services.

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