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It ensures a communication of high quality


"We can also have all communications media but nothing, absolutely nothing, replaces the emotion of a fragrance."

ALLFRESH BOX, customizable car freshener,  is an effective and interesting promotional gadget able to ensure a communication of high quality! Among the different gadgets on the market, ALLFRESH BOX stands out for its originality, effectiveness, refinement in fragrances and useful life. Indispensable factors in order to ensure that the customer remembers you! ALLFRESH BOX offers endless possibilities of customization: printing of logos and graphic elements, fonts of different size and thickness by selection from GOLD or SILVER!


Practical and compact perfumer
Unscrewing adjustment
100% Made in Italy
High concentration gelled perfume
Constant and calibrated release
No spilling
Warm gold print


AVAILABLE FRAGRANCES Agrumi * Lavanda * Pino * Polynesian Forest * Vaniglia * Caraibi




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