100% recycling of materials and the use of renewable energy sources

Dedication to sustainable development has always been a part of Allegrini’s DNA. Since 1985, as a demonstration of our philosophy of respect for the environment, our logo has included the icon of a flask containing an illustration of a view of a clean landscape. This action, visible by all, demonstrates our sensibility for intelligent development which is not simply an impromptu attempt to ride the green bandwagon, but a concrete approach to production and innovation.

All-round innovation in full respect for the environment, in line with the principle of quality in harmony with nature: this is Allegrini’s objective, demonstrated by facts over the entire course of our history, right from the beginning in 1945.

The very decision to keep production in Italy intrinsically leads to respect for certain rules and environmental regulations, which many companies manage to avoid by moving their production to countries which are less attentive to questions related to ecological sustainability.
Allegrini’s journey on the path towards sustainable development began in 1969 with biodegradable detergents: a first in Italy, which even anticipated relevant legislation, paving the way towards innovation for ecological sustainability.

From that moment on, Allegrini’s economic and intellectual efforts for environmental innovation have been both significant and constant and the current research and development division, with two laboratories and a reactor for the production of vegetable-origin surfactants, is a source of pride for the company.

As well as the creation of products and solutions which reduce environmental impact to a minimum, Allegrini has undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at limiting the use of resources: in fact, in 2011, photovoltaic panels were installed which provide the company with up to 40% autonomy in its consumption of electrical energy.

Allegrini’s spirit of innovation has always been at the service of environmental sustainabilityCasa Quick (the distribution service set up in 2001 which delivers the most popular household cleaning products directly to homes without the need for additional packaging) and the range of ecological additives are just a few of the steps taken by the company on an environmental level.

The results of this commitment have been confirmed and acknowledged by numerous awards and by certification obtained by Allegrini: a range of products certified by Ecolabel, an award for innovation from the Lombardy Region for the reduction in refuse produced by packaging, a series of ICEA-certified products, the winning (for two consecutive years) of Legambiente’s award for Environmentally Friendly Innovation... 

Recognitions and goals which are a source of pride for us and which encourage us to continue on the road of ecological ethics and sustainable development.

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