Perfumer for environments and fabrics


The undisputed queen of the Dolomites, with unforgettable landscapes, a refined setting for a natural spectacle made of a thousand aromatic fragrances. 56 CORTINA is a pleasant aromatic fragrance enriched by intense notes of enveloping lavender and rose with zesty citrus touches of orange blossoms. Practical and indispensable in its pocket version, it is ideal to always bring your favourite fragrance with you. Give to your environments the perfect atmosphere at all times. Bring it with you in your car for a pleasant travel experience.

Spray it on the car mats, it gives a gradual and long-lasting fragrance.

ENVIRONMENTS: Spray in the environment directing the spray upward. Only 5-6 sprays are enough for a 100 m3 environment. For use on fabrics, curtains, carpets: keep a distance of about 30 cm. CAR INTERIORS: 2-3 sprays (0.25-0.40ml) in the passenger compartment. It can be used to neutralize smells and perfume the mats and fabric seats.

Little box of 6 bottles – 30ml each

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