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New Allfresh Box Line

  Allegrini presents the new line of ALL FRESH BOX perfumers, all inspired by the world of emoticons.   The line consists of six pleasant fragrances that will give you a sensory jou... Read more

New Tekno In for car interiors

We know that the fabric surfaces inside cars and vehicles often report stains difficult to remove. From Allegrini laboratories TEKNO IN is born: new liquid detergent for the washing of carpets and ca... Read more

New Rotabrill 65 G colourless

Allegrini has always been at your side to offer you new products and evolving a range of solutions dedicated to car care. Given the success of ROTABRILL 65 G GREEN and the demands of today's marke... Read more

Video of Joly Liquido polisher of dashboards and fascias

The internal and external parts of our car need care and attention in order to maintain their original state. JOLY LIQUIDO is a protective polisher for dashboards and fascia that can answer to every n... Read more

New Teknobrush shampoo multifunction for brushes

70 years of experience in the carwash world and the constant research of valid solutions able to improve the work of your clients, lead us to offer you more and more performant products, perfecting ou... Read more

New Pralux Lucidante Protettivo

After the washing step, also our cars need to receive a treatment of beauty that guarantees a lasting effect. Unfortunately, conventional waxes or old design can leave residue on the car body that are... Read more

Allegrini at Autopromotec

Allegrini joins the 26th edition of Autopromotec, an international event dedicated to the equipment of the service stations, car washes and garages. From the 20th to the 24th may our sales technici... Read more

Sani-Helmet: internationally patented machine by Allegrini

The hygiene of helmet is essential to avoid proliferation of bacteria that can cause serious problems to the scalp, as irritations, allergies, fungal infections etc. To prevent these problems, Alle... Read more

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