Bacterial additive for biological wastewater treatment plant


ALL BACTI POLVERE is a mixture appositely formulated to treat the wastewaters in carwash biological purifier and to reactivate the bio-filters. The mixture of bacterial strains and nutrients contained in ALL BACTI POLVERE guarantees a wide action spectrum, quick acclimatization in the system, safety, compatibility with the present biomasses and a maximum efficiency on all kind of biological plant and relative ecosystem. ALL BACTI POLVERE degrades surfactants and hydrocarbons, and has a synergic action on most of pollutant present. Once dosed in the biological oxidation tank, it revitalizes the autochthon bacterial masses, reactivating the depuration process, reducing bad smells. ALL BACTI POLVERE can be used both in aerobic and anaerobic conditions with optimal results, favoring the start of new plants, improving the purifying capacity and efficiency of the plant. It controls bad smells minimizing the consequent effects due to a charge hike and the presence of bio-toxic substances. It is ideal for the treatment of purifier plants, vegetal fible bio-filters, fiber bio-filters, bio-rolls.

We suggest the utilization of ALL BACTI POLVERE to maintain the efficiency of the plant. It can be used in combination with ALL NUTRI BACTI and ALL BACTI DEO.

ALL BACTI POLVERE can be used pure or diluted in water so to acclimate the bacteria. In this case, dilute the product in 2-3L of moistened water and 0,5L of wastewater, insufflate air in the mixture for 2-6 hours before inoculate it. Dosage: In the starting phase: from 20g up to 50g per each m3 of oxidation tank, twice a week for about a month. For the maintaining: 50g per each m3 about every 10 days.

0.5Kg Jar

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