Bacterial and odour-neutralizing additive for biological wastewater treatment plants


ALL BACTI DEO is a mixture appositely formulated to treat the wastewaters in carwash biological purifier and to reactivate the bio-filters. The mixture of bacterial strains and nutrients contained in ALL BACTI DEO guarantees a wide action spectrum, quick acclimatization in the system, safety, compatibility with the present biomasses and a maximum efficiency. The odour-neutralizing agent reduces and drastically eliminates bad smells in the purifier and exhaust pipes. ALL BACTI DEO degrades surfactants and hydrocarbons, and has a synergic action on most of pollutant present. Once dosed in the biological oxidation tank, it revitalizes the autochthon bacterial masses, reactivating the depuration process, reducing bad smells. It improves the purifying capacity and efficiency of the plant. ALL BACTI DEO is harmless for human and environment. The bacterias contained are carefully selectioned between natural and not genetically modified bacterial strains, and none classified as pathogen.

The concentrate is a mixture of “asleep” spores that actives if diluted. Use it regularly to ensure the best performances. Suitable for all chemical baths.

Pour the product directly in the oxidation tank of the biological purifier, manually or with automatic dosing system. Dosage: In the starting phase: from 2g up to 6g h/day per each washed car. For the maintaining: from 1g up to 3g h/day per each washed car.

Can of 5Kg

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