Biomasses organic stimulator and odour neutralizer


ALL NUTRI BACTI is a brown and sweet-odour liquid product, made of natural organic mixture extracted from vegetal and soluble of the Yucca Schidigera tree and marine algaes. ALL NUTRI BACTI has an efficient application in bio-purification for the stimulating activity in bacteria growing in oxidation tank and reducing wastewater odours. ALL NUTRI BACTI is a safe and natural product, based on Yucca Schidigera, vitamins, minerals and agaes: it is harmless for human and environment. It does not contain GMO. Ready to use, it is a valid and cheap complement to the traditional chemical nourishments (N, P and K). It is also efficient on a wide range of molecules at high olfactory impact generated by wastewaters, active muds and percolates. It works with pH and temperature extreme for the biological life as well. It guarantees a quick and optimal bacterial development for the restart of plants, in particular way: stimulates the biomasses biological biomasses activity already present in the plants and increases the microorganisms resistency to environment solicitation and charge variations.

Used with ALL DEO BACTI and ALL BACTI POLVERE during inactivity periods of the carwash, it optimizes the functioning and stability of the biological purifier.

In the starting phase: pour directly in the oxidation tank from 100g up to 200g /day per each m3 of wastewater tank for 4-5 days. For the normal functioning: pour directly in the oxidation tank during inactivity periods of the carwash. Dosage: about 100g/day per each m3 of the oxidation tank.

Can of 5Kg

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