Alkaline detergent for the foaming washing of vehicles


NEOS ACTIVE FOAM is a detergent with high foaming power for car washing. Thanks to its special active foam formulation, it can remove soil, greasy and static dirt (as traffic film) without sponges or brushes. The active foam keep anchored for long time on the surfaces of the car, consenting a superior cleaning action for excellent results. Moreover, creates an antistatic and superpolished film that confers shine and glow to the car surfaces. During the rinsing phase the product does not make further foam, eneasing the rinsing and preparing the car to the following washing phases. NEOS ACTIVE FOAM works at lower grammages than the average ones used in traditional carwashes. It can be used in all foaming plants, as the waterfall And traditional arch, and it is ideal to emphasize the scenographic effect in the prewash phase. The product ensures optimal performances with medium-hard water as well.

Do not exceed with dosages. Do not let the product dry on the bodywork. In case of overheated surfaces, it is suggested to wait until they cool down.

FOAMING NEBULIZER: 1-3% SELF SERVICE GUN AT REGULAR FOAM: 40-70g per car DOSATRON: 1-3% PA GUN: solution at 12-15% Apply the foaming solution homogeneously on the whole dry surface of the car. Wait a few seconds (about 30 seconds in summer, 60 seconds in winter), then rinse at high pressure.

Can of 25Kg

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