Antifreeze additive for diesel


The low temperatures characteristic of the winter months render fuel less fluid, causing various problems including: a significant reduction in motor performance, anincrease in exhaust fumes, and even the inability to start cars. DIESEL OK is a product which has been created specifically for the improvement of combustion in diesel engines, including the latest generation of common rail engines, and which is also capable of eliminating indissoluble residue from fuel tanks, cleaning injectors and significantly reducing exhaust fumes. DIESEL OK is a WASFI (Wax Anti-Setting Flow Improvement) additive: it significantly lowers the freezing point of diesel fuel to approximately -20°C, also keeping it fluid at low temperatures, thus preventing the blocking of injectors and pumps. The product also protects fuel tanks from rust, lubricates the supply system and the nafta filter, and facilitates the dispersion of indissoluble residues from diesel fuel.

Considering the numerous advantages, DIESEL OK is also excellent as a multi-purpose additive in the field of domestic, communal or industrial heating.

A 250 ml bottle of DIESEL OK treats 100 litres of automotive diesel fuel. In order to facilitate the mixing of the product, it is recommended to add DIESEL OK halfway through refuelling, after having removed the safety cap.

Box of 24 bottles - 250ml each - 016NDOK0250
Box of 12 bottles – 1 L each - 016DKOK1012
10L Canister - 016DKOK0010

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