Hydro-soluble wax for the drying phase of vehicles in carwash plants


NEOS WAX LUCENT is a drying wax based on highly reactive modified silanes that gives extreme sheen to the car bodywork. Thanks to the protective film that forms on the external surfaces, NEOS WAX LUCENT prevents the car to atmospheric agents, easing the next washings. The highly performing formulation can make the surfaces hydrophobic and water-repellent, allowing an optimal drop flowability under the ventilation plant. The result of treated surfaces is characterized by: - Glossy effect that enhance the bodywork colour, - Ultra-shiny mirror effect, - Shield effect against dirt and smog. If used manually, NEOS WAX LUCENT allows to reduce drying times, facilitating the operator work. The product is formulated for its use with hard water as well, ensuring optimal results even at low temperatures.

The optimal quantity is in function of the water hardness, the type of carwash plant (rinsing, method of distribution) and atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity). Perform some practical tests to determinate it. The wax performance can be influenced both from the type of prewash product, both from the efficiency of the rinsing phase.

PLANTS WITH DOSING PUMPS: Use the wax pure. Regulate the suction between 10ml and 20ml of wax per car. PLANTS WITH VENTURI SUCTION SYSTEM: Dilute NEOS WAX LUCENT at 4% with water (400ml of product per 10L of water). Regulate the suction dosing about 300/400 ml of solution per each washing cycle.

Can of 25L

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